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Would you like to create your own line of shoes?
Would you differentiate your footwear from those of anyone else?
We will help you realize your ideas!
We offer integrated design of Your Shoes, or your line diCalzature.

Maybe manage a boutique shoe or a showroom of apparel and want to give a personal address to your brand by marketing your brand and your line of shoes, or you're just a fan and you simply want to dress up in an absolutely unique!
The desire to differentiate themselves and make their products unique is becoming increasingly common in an era where the contrary, it seeks to dictate the standards.

The shoe Alizès SAS provides customers, merchants, producers but also consumers, their competence and experience in prototyping, which for decades has welcomed the major brands in the industry, offering the ability to realize footwear want from a sketch, a sketch or photograph supplied by you.
The activity is divided into several phases.

Firstly, in accordance with the laws that protect copyrights, to
protect your rights to your ideas is part of the signing of an agreement not to disclosure of information exchanged between the shoes Alizès Sas and the Client and vice versa.

Then the Customer may subject us sketches / sketches / photos and other material useful to describe how to best shoe model that seeks to achieve.
In this phase of close collaboration between customers and Calzaturificio Sevenem Srl will draw up a document containing all the particulars of the model, special features, shapes, skins, colors, etc., of the shoe to be undertaken (this document is indicative only and is not still be considered binding for the rest of the activity).
At this point the shoes Alizès effettuarà the feasibility analysis, with the valuation of assets, and submit a quote.
Upon acceptance of the quotation,

"The Shoe Sas Alizès get in the shape of the shoe production (to the extent required by the customer)
"The shoes Alizès Sas derive the shirt in multiple copies and submit it to review score
"The customer will evaluate the shirt and make the necessary changes

In this phase of close collaboration between customers and Sas Shoe Alizès will complete the document that will contain all information concerning the design, special features, shapes, skins, colors, etc., of the shoe to be undertaken (this document is to be considered binding on the rest activity).

Acceptance of the document the shoes will launch the following activities:
"Development of model
"Development of measures
"Production of the prototype

At the end of the activities the shoe factory will deliver the prototype, the development of the model (the cards) in sizes from 39 to 46 (if required), edge (s) form (s) and all documents relating to the business.
Inquire by filling out the form in the section where we will contact you to give you the information you want.

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