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Alizes S.a.s. and one of the first factories in the brands, the development of samples.
We provide a thirty years experience factory is equipped with all equipment and machinery for the realization of any shoe you want to develop.
Alizes offers maximum reliability and professionalism both technically and commercially.

Alizes sas shoes manufactures on demand for all companies and modellisti.Sviluppo prototypes and samples of any kind classic, elegant and sporty.
Realize Norwegian style shoes, brogues, opanca, moccasins boots, boat Polacchini, boots, amphibians and others
all done by hand as before.

Despite what one of our ambitions is to return to the past: we dream of being able to again produce our shoes by the methods of the past, absolutely and entirely tailored by hand!
We dream of we can turn directly to our customers, to propose our ideas tailored, and to hear your voice, your desires, your needs!
We dream of being able to bring our expertise to your feet with our own hands!

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